Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism is about maximizing the positive impacts of tourism (e.g. economic benefits to local communities) whilst minimizing the negative aspects (e.g. environmental degradation).

At TGG we have existing tourist projects in rural areas of Kerala and so are well placed to advise on how to implement successful and responsible policies in a fast growing and popular tourist destination.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a dedication to bridging the gap between profit and purpose for a company. In recent years it has become an increasingly important consideration for businesses as consumers expect more transparency in the digital age. CSR benefits also include risk management, strengthened brand positioning, an increased ability to attract, motivate and retain employees, and ultimately, an enhanced corporate image.

At TGG we offer a consultancy service for companies interested in improving their CSR. We do this by connecting companies, particularly those related to hospitality services, with CSR Initiatives related to education and environmental sustainability (e.g. sustainable living practices & women empowerment programs).


Social Start-up

A social start up is a company that’s core mission is to benefit and improve society – be that via the community or environment. It is a business that generates its own income through a trade while the majority of its profits are reinvested back into a social mission

At TGG Advisory we aim to nurture social start-ups by helping build solid business plans, balancing the books, and contributing towards its social goals.